Thursday, September 20, 2007

Go Saux

Yeah I've lived in Utah nearly all of my life and I became a Red Sox fan after meeting the man I would eventually marry, but I'm not your typical band wagon fan. First of all, it was Pedro Martinez who helped me sell my soul to the Saux. His gem against the Yanks in the '99 playoffs got me hooked. And I've had my heart broken by the Red Sox a couple of times: I suffered during the '03 playoffs when Boone hit a walk off that sent us home for the season. I cried when we were down 0-3 to the Yanks in the 2004 playoffs and I sat in shock when the Saux won the 7th game and eventually the World Series. And, in my book, if you know nearly all the players stats and refuse to pet your cat when Big Papi is at the plate because that might bring him bad luck, then you're a fan. Holla.

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