Monday, October 29, 2007

Take a stand, men.

Because I'm a Red Sox fan, I've been watching an unGodly amount of television during Rocktober. The good news is that the Red Sox won the World Series--yay! The bad news is that if I have to watch that stupid Bud Light commercial where the two "clueless" guys reluctatly go to the opera with their dates, beers stuffed in their pockets, again I'm going to scream.

Yes the bottles break inside their coat jackets and there's the wisecracker who obnoxiously shakes his can at them, "First time at the Opera, boys?" Ugh. Why do men put up with this sort of back-slapping-how-bout-those-Bears sense of humor? In the 21st century men can go to the opera, enjoy it and even talk to their male friends about it. Take a stand, men. Refuse to buy that cheap stuff you beer-bonged in college until they make a commerical that represents your collective IQ (and that has to be higher than 90).

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